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Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Almost Perfectly Poached Egg!

I have made poached egg for the family a couple of times now. They have so far enjoyed it quite a bit until I stumbled upon this video from BBC Good Food. I actually was in search of another egg recipe and found this.

Then I knew that my poached egg was just no where near perfect and I still believe after trying the tips in this video that I can improve upon the poached egg. I will let you know where I went wrong and you too can try to improve on your poached egg recipe accordingly.

The perfect poached egg when cut into would ooze out with the yolk!

You need:

  • 1 large and fresh egg (remember if there is no fresh egg, then don't bother trying this recipe)
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • Dash of vinegar
  • Water to poach 
  • A medium sized saucepan
  • Kitchen towel
  • A slotted spoon

The Make:
Preparation time: 2 minutes | Cooking time: 3 minutes | Serves : 1

Source: http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/technique/how-poach-egg

1. Heat water in the sauce pan and allow to simmer. Make sure you are using a medium sized saucepan.
2. Add the small drizzle of vinegar to the pan of simmering water.
3. Crack the egg carefully in a small cup or bowl, making sure not to cut into the yolk. Some like to crack the egg by tapping on a hard surface whilst others use the stem of a spoon or butter knife to crack at the shell. If you are following the latter approach make sure u crack only the surface, else if you touch the yolk with the metal spoon or knife, you can loosen the yolk into the egg white whilst pouring into the cup.
4. Create a whirlpool in the water using your spoon. This would ensure that the egg white wraps well around the yolk.
5. Tip the egg into the center of the whirlpool or pan of just boiling water. Lower the heat to medium-low and allow the egg to cook for 3 minutes.
6. Once cooked, remove the poached egg with the slotted spoon and leave any feathery edges by cutting it using the edge of the spoon against the pan.
7. Drain the egg on a kitchen towel else you would find eggy poaching water with your egg.
You can also trim the edges of your poached egg once at room temperature to make it into a perfect tear drop shape (the kind you would find at your fine dining restaurants) :)

Season with salt and pepper and serve with toast, flatbread or on top of your salad.

My kid loves poached egg esp. when she sees the yolk spill out of the white when cut into.

Bon Appetit!

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