"This is a journey of my life since I was all of 12 yrs when I started my hand in cooking to now with displays of my learning and creations of recipes from around the world. My inspiration and role model has always been my Mum who has always created dishes from around the world and excellently well. I do not believe I would ever match to her culinary skills. I remember the times she could cook and bake almost 4-5 dishes in one go without ever letting one go under cooked or burnt! I was born and raised in Dubai, UAE and recently moved to India for family reasons. Kitchenette just means that over the decades, my kitchen has changed from that of my mum's to my uncle and aunt's, to my home in UAE and now in India. Pala't'te, describes both global cuisines ('Palatte'-diverse flavours) and pleasing diverse 'Palates'."

Kiddies Corner

It has been a while since I have had readers request this page. I have consolidated all the recipes that have been tried and tested and appreciated by young ones. Being a mum to a toddler, I should have put this page in a long time ago, considering the time mums are left with to have to fish out kids' recipes.
My school going toddler Isabelle:)

Here you would find a list of healthy, nutritious and tasty meals for your little ones....

Breakfast bites and Snacks

  1. Chinese Upma - A Twist on the Traditional Upma (Semolina mash)
  2. Chocolate Pancakes with Homemade Strawberry Syrup
  3. Traditional Upma with a twist (Semolina and Vermicelli with veggies)
  4. Baked French Toast with Pumpkin and Fenugreek leaves
  5. Banana French Toast with Cinnamon
  6. Homemade Banana Jam
  7. Waffles with Poached Eggs
  8. Oat and Millet/Bajra Dosa (Oat and Millet Fermented crepes)
  9. Rice Flour Dosa (Pancakes) with Ridgegourd skin Chutney (Beerakaya Thokkala) and Vegetables in Mango Gravy
  10. Mummy Special Apple Pie
  11. Milk Hoppers or PaalAppam
  12. Banana Bonda (Fried Mashed Banana balls)
  13. Spanish Omelette
  14. Aamras Puris with Alu Bhaaji  and Aamras (Fried Mango-pulp Indian bread with spiced Potato mash)
  15. Crunchy Rosemary and Honey Soda bread
  16. Poached Egg
  17. Ghee Chapattis - Indian wholewheat Flatbread topped with clarified butter
  18. Kids' Special # 2 - Ghee Chapatti (Indian Flatbread with clarified butter) with steamed buttered veggies and poached egg
  19. Pie Meat and Mushroom Buns with Sesame
  20. Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chips Oatmeal Scones
  21. Pumpkin, Poppy and Papaya seeded breadsticks #BreadBakers
  22. Crispy Fried Chicken
  23. Easy-Peasy Garlic-ky Mini Rolls #BreadBakers #NoBake
  24. Southern Buttermilk Biscuits #FoodieExtravaganza

Lunch/Dinner treats
  1. Assorted Pasta Bolognese - A Twist on Spaghetti Bolognese
  2. Mummy's Roasted Chicken with a twist
  3. Nadan Pazha Manga Curry (Traditional Keralite Ripe Mango Gravy)
  4. Drumsticks in Spinach Gravy
  5. Broccoli in Honey Mustard Sauce
  6. French Beans the French Way!
  7. Tangy Three Pea (Black Eyed Peas, Cowpeas and Pigeon-Pea) in Sofrito (Spanish Tomato sauce)
  8. Yefesoleya Wot (Ethiopian French beans Stew)
  9. Veggies in Sweet and Sour Sauce
  10. King Grill Steak with Herby-Buttery Pesto
  11. Methi Chicken Curry (Fenugreek Chicken Curry)
  12. French Mackerel Fish in Sweet and Savoury Cranberry sauce
  13. Oven BBQ Chicken in Homemade BBQ Sauce
  14. Baked Rohu fish with toasted veggies in fish sauce
  15. Turkey Roast Delight- A Thanksgiving Special for Christmas!
  16. Methi Roti (Wholewheat Indian flatbread with Fenugreek Leaves)
  17. Appam (Rice Pancakes)
  18. Injera (Ethiopian Pancakes)
  19. Aloo Jeera (Potatoes with Cumin seeds)
  20. Veggie (Vegan/NonVeg option) Quiche
  21. Cottage Cheese with Green Peas
  22. Thai Coconut Rice
  23. Eggs in Coconut milk gravy
  24. Green Gram and Raw Banana (Plantain) with Coconut
  25. Aloo Jeera
  26. Okra, Drumsticks and Chow chow in Tangy Tomato stew
  27. Comfy Beef Stew Soup (veg option included)
  28. Lemon rice with Paneer
  29. Easy make Dinner Rolls
  30. Simple Penne Pasta with Mushrooms
  31. Muringaella Thoran (Drumstick tree (Moringa Oleifera)'s leaves with coconut gratings)
  32. Red pearl onions in grated burnt coconut (Ulli Theeyal)
  33. Chow Chow/Chayote and Spinach in Homemade Marinara Sauce
  34. Brahmin Sambar (Lentil based vegetable chowder)
  35. Spicy, Tangy and Crispy Roasted Chicken
  36. "Kids' Special # 1 - Mixed Veggies Vermicelli with meat kebabs or mince in chicken broth"
  37. Roasted beef chunks with baked potatoes and buttered steamed veggies
  38. Steamed Buttered Veggies
  39. Kids' Special #3 - Clear Vermicelli veggie soup with quail eggs
  40. Lemon and Herb Roast Chicken
  41. Coconut-Carrot Rice
  42. Asian inspired Snake gourd
  43. Pepper Chicken drumsticks in a light tomato gravy
  44. Jamie Oliver's Aussie Humble Pie
  45. Kids' Special# 4 - Soft Noodles with Veggies and Poached Egg #FoodieExtravaganza
  46. Malabar Trevally with Spices en Papillote #FishFridayFoodies
  47. Pearl Spot Fish Pan fried in a Banana leaf (Kuttanadan Karimeen Pollichathu) #FishFridayFoodies
  48. Creamy Vegetable Soup

Desserts / Sweet snack treats

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