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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Homemade Tomato Puree

There are several ways to make Tomato Puree. I chose the easier make that I have used since last 2 decades. I do buy the canned version however this recipe is useful in case I do not have much time to run to the store and is lighter than the store variety. Also it lacks all the added preservatives in the store-bought version! You can add modifications here where you can add either grated ginger or garlic or dried herbs such as oregano or parsley which will be an added flavour to your tomato puree.

Homemade Tomato Puree 


  • 3  medium sized, fully ripe tomatoes
  • E.g. of one tomato shown
  • 1 bowl of boiling water - just enough to cover the tomatoes
  • Salt, Sugar and Vinegar (optional)
  • Stock cubes, onions, garlic, parsley, etc for extra flavour (optional)


1. Take out the eye of the tomatoes. Run the tip of the knife to make a cross at the bottom of each of the tomatoes.

Tomato crossed out and soaked in boiling water
2. Place the tomatoes in boiling water and allow the skin to wrinkle.

3. Drain and run the tomatoes through cool water. Skin the tomatoes and set aside. You can optionally leave the skin on as some prefer the skin on. You can also optionally de-seed the tomatoes and juice to allow for a thicker puree. It also makes the puree a darker red in colour if you remove the seeds and the juice.

Peeled off tomato with skin set aside
4. Grind the skinned tomatoes into a paste form. Add the same strained water used to boil the tomatoes if required to make a thinner puree, otherwise use as is.

Peeled off after soaking in boiling water
5. Boil the puree and with vinegar, salt and sugar optionally for up to 30 minutes on a low flame depending on the thickness required. 

I have not added any water to the puree and turned out to be thick as was required for one of the recipes I was set to make.

Homemade Tomato Puree

Allow to cool and then bottle or transfer to a suitable container to refrigerate.

I made mine one day in advance but this puree would last at least for 3-5 days (again depending on what you add to the mix, for e.g. if you add  vinegar, it would go on to last for weeks).

Closeup of Tomato Puree


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