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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Homemade Scramberry ('Lololikka'/'Lololica' - Flacourtia inermis) Jam - When Mummy Cooks

Lololica (Flacourtia inermis) is a red berry which has been homegrown in my grandma's backyard in Kerala for decades. My parents now still nurture lololikka trees at home. The only reason I have been delaying posting this recipe is because I have been trying to get the English name for Lololikka. 

Lololikka Jam
My cousin Jeff suggests its name as The Lololikka fruit or Red Ribes-uva-crispa. 

Top view
My sister Marilyn and some of my friends name it as  Red Gooseberry. For some reason on viewing the pictures of Red Gooseberry, I am still not convinced and ensuring that this is its actual name. In case, I find otherwise I will update this page.

Lololikka Jam on Toast
Finally my dearest Dad found out the actual name of this fruit. Its botanical name is Scramberry.

So, this delicious Lololikka Jam is another one of my mum's creations. Topped on breads of your choice (I recommend multigrains bread or flat bread (chapatti or roti) ), this makes for an interesting breakfast start.

To make this simple jam,

You need:

  • 1 kg ripe lololikka berries (Scramberry)
  • 1 kg sugar (you can use lesser sugar if you like. Lololikka berry is actually quite sour)
  • 1 cup of plain drinking/filtered water
  • Essence of your choice (You can use a fruity essence or vanilla essence) *Optional

To make:

Preparation Time: 10 minutes | Cooking time: 15 minutes | Makes about 250 gms

1.Clean the berries off any black deposits and air dry. Grind properly with seeds but without water.
2. In a non-stick pan, pour the grind mix with water and stir to reduce.
3. Add the sugar and stir well for about 5 minutes.
4. Set aside and once lukewarm, add essence of choice and bottle in airtight container and refrigerate.
5. Top the jam on your favourite bread and in combination with your favourite other toppings as desired. You can use it in combination with chutneys such as mint chutney esp. if you have used lesser sugar in your jam.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes Renjitha we've always had it as a pickle since childhood (my grandma used to make it and now mom does too). This was the first time I had it as a jam when my mom made it :)

  2. Hello chechi were r u from?? I want some raw loobikka...

    1. Hi Sana. You can reach me on gginazkitchenette@gmail.com

  3. Flacourtia inermis


    1. Thanks Parvathy. I have incorporated the name in the title now.

  4. hi..where can I get some lolikka for pickles

    1. Hi Ann. I have not seen it being sold. Mostly from homes.


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